Reflecting, Self Worth & Journalling to help analyse where you are at

Reflecting, Self Worth & Journalling to help analyse where you are at

Being content on your own may feel and seem like a daunting task. Being able to reflect on relationships you have had- within friendships, relationships or within your family units are are really important part of growing and learning on what you can internally work on. 

When you leave a relationship, or a friendship goes south, or perhaps you're having a rough patch within your family dynamics right now, some great questions and tasks you can do are journal to reflect on where you can take ownership, learn lessons or perhaps even grow from. 

Here are some of my favourite journalling questions on self reflection when you're making space for new within relationships, friendships or other connections. 

  • How did this person make me feel?
  • What was the feeling most of the relationship/friendship? Give examples of when they made you feel great/bad. 
  • What is the unmet need I want this person to meet? 
  • What was the best character of this person? 
  • What is the worst trait of this person? 
  • If I were to look at this person as a solution to my problem, what solution would they be offering”. (Soothing anxiety, making me feel safe, boredom, providing comfort, love, etc.)
  • Who does this person most remind me of from my past? How is my relationship with that person? 
  • If I’m being honest & vulnerable with myself, what fears or insecurities are coming up in me? Am I feeling bored? Am I feeling unworthy? 
  • How can I begin to meet this internal need in another way, without relying on this person?
  • Does this person still have space in my life? 
  • To what extent am I willing to have this person in my life? 
  • The next time I’m feeling triggered or anxious, who can I call instead of this person? 
  • The next time I’m feeling triggered or anxious and no one is around, how can I self-soothe?

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