Simplify your home + life! | FREE DOWNLOADABLE

Simplify your home + life! | FREE DOWNLOADABLE

Now, I hope that I have never given the notion that I have it all together because I certainly DO NOT!

What I can say though, is that I think I have mastered that sweet spot where organisation and chaos come together.
As a woman, we carry around a handbag, a baby on our hip, car keys and grocery bags. Something that is often overlooked, or not heavily considered, are the mental checklist bags. The checklist in our brains that we subconsciously stress, worry and think about throughout the day without even considering the emotional and mental burden we carry.
For myself, the checklist involves organising a babysitter, school sports and clean uniforms. It requires pre-planning for today, the next day, remembering to take out bins and paying bills. The list does. not. end.

But how can you even get started? Where do you begin? For starters, a guide or checklist of everything in your life requiring a 'revamp' is a good start.


When it comes to streamlining your life, it starts from home.

 Your home is your sanctuary and you would be surprised at home much weight can be lifted by simply decluttering our household. This is why my newest downloadable is titled 'How To: Simplify your life + home'.
To break it down, I believe there are a number of categories that encompass what requires organisation in your life. I also believe that when these things run smoothly, it gives you the mental space you require to live a whole, happy and fulfilled life.
The kitchen is one of my favourite places in the world. It also happens to be one of the places that gets cluttered the easiest. If you haven't heard of my 3-basket rule yet, scroll down and register for my free downloadable to learn how to make the most of this rule.

Once you have decluttered your home, you dive deeper. There is then the need for a spring clean. I understand it can be time consuming, but if you are remotely anything like me, a spring clean may be just what you need. I bet there is a whole list of tasks you've been meaning to tick off but haven't gotten around to yet. Regrout the bathrooms, anyone?
Your wardrobe is another one of those things where you are completely aware that less is more, but it's hard to practise what you preach. The next time you need an outfit for a special occasion, I want you to try out a clothes hire website (at least once). 9 times out of 10, you won't re-wear an outfit that was worn to a special event. Why pay the full price?
Chores should be shared amongst everyone in the household. Everybody should be responsible for their own designated (and age appropriate) tasks. These should segmented into a weekly and monthly breakdown. You can even create a daily task list for chores.
While managing your finances may not reduce house clutter, it will certainly help to dissolve a build up of mental clutter. As adults, money is our number one stress. How can we reduce stress about money, afford our lifestyle, and not overspend? Again, I believe in the magic of lists. By working out your finances and creating achievable budgets, you can map out your financial plans and make them more feasible. Just as important, teach your kids about money and how they align with your values.
This is a big one because it aligns with all the topics I've discussed and will delve into below. A schedule that runs like clockwork is like a well-oiled engine. Things just run smoothly, and so much better. I personally swear by our big family diary to keep tabs on everyone's schedules. I don't just schedule in things like appointments though. We make sure that we even schedule in family time, self-care and relationship time. I also carry around my work calendar like my bible as I love having physical diaries!
A routine breaks down your whirlwind life into a day-to-day basis. Your routine can include your day broken into morning, day and night, it can includes meals, time set aside to work out and more.

This category is very close to me. You cannot pour from an empty cup. What I've learnt is that being overworked is not good for anyone. We NEED to schedule in time for self-care, whatever our version of self-care may be.

It is completely normal to feel like you are failing as a mother at one point or another. How do you make yourself as present as possible for your children given the load we carry as women? What tips and tricks do you enforce to ensure you are spending one-on-one time with each of your children?
Sleep is such a huge undervalued part of our lives. It is shocking just how stressful the moments before we drift off can be for a person. This is usually because our brains are working at a million miles a minute trying to digest the day and anticipating the next day. How do we reduce this stress? A notebook, of course! A notebook to write down the mental lists you're drafting up so you can unload and revisit it when needed.

Do you need help simplifying your life and home?

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