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Spring has sprung!

Who would have thought I would love Spring cleaning as much as I do? I feel SO refreshed! I have gone through a bunch of the twin’s baby clothes and linen and donated a bunch to a local charity. AND, I have gone through our linen and furniture we had stored in the garage! I feel so refreshed and 'new' when we do large clean outs, like that saying..‘out with the old, in with the new’.


I am one of those people who cannot sit still, so I have given some old furniture a facelift rather than chucking it out. I've painted the old wood of our beds and bedside tables white, brightening the whole room in the process! I basically belong on The Block ha!

Being September, it is only three months until Christmas - HOLY MOLEY!!!

With the festive season on my mind, I love to go through all of our old toys and donate where possible or give to others who may want to share the joy they once gave to our kids. The other thing I seem to hoard is linen, I could spend all day in Adairs and I think my linen cupboard shows that (I should probably work on this :D) Whilst I am like the exact example of what not to do, I truly am trying to become a reformed hoarder. I would love to share some of the things that have worked for us in clearing out and making space:
  • Go through baby/small children’s clothes every three months. Besides the fact that the seasons change, they grow SO quickly and it is so therapeutic to see the items in their wardrobe without digging.
  • Sort out and clean the pantry every six months. This will not only allow your shopping bill to decrease, but potentially provide you with new meal ideas with new finds in the pantry!
  • Clean out the fridge weekly. This is something we do on a Sunday simultaneously with our grocery shops.
  • Quilts, pillows and mattress protectors are also on my radar once or twice a year! At the rate we are going everyone has had a new bed every year due to shifting rooms around so much!
  • Categorise cupboards and shelves. We have a label maker that gets used on just about every tupperware container in the kitchen! Even dedicating certain drawers to certain things will feel like a breath of fresh air.
  • Write lists. Unlike me - who feels the need to tackle every room of the house in one day haha.. you can do your spring clean over a few days. Write down a list of what you'd like to accomplish and tick them off as you go.

The only thing I am yet to master is the wardrobe clear outs!

I always think, ‘but what if ….. I need it on a holiday, or it snows, or I gain a bunch of weight, or we have another baby, or if I decide I like that style again?’ hahaha I also love cleaning out areas.. I'm talking thoroughly cleaning them out. Carpets cleaned, windows cleaned and all! And hey, it’s SPRING and spring has sprung! What are some of YOUR spring cleaning tips? Let me know here!

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