Sophie Guidolin abs and stretch marks wearing bright blue activewear

Stretch Marks

Unless I make my own stretch marks the focus of my images, majority of my followers would be blissfully unaware that I do infact, like 99% of the population HAVE stretchmarks. I gained 28 kilos whilst pregnant with the boys, so that kind of weight gain in itself was going to leave marks (which it did!) However, what I find more fascinating is that majority of my strechmarks didn’t happen during pregnancy. In fact, they happened during puberty, which for me turned out to be around 12-14 years… leading to a FF chest and a breast reduction- but that’s another blog! LOL  

So what causes stretch marks?

  Stretch marks seem to be caused, literally, by a stretching of the skin. Stretch marks are more extreme when coupled with an increase in cortisone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Cortisone weakens elastic fibers in the skin.  

What are stretch marks?

  Medically known as striae distensae. They appear to be a like little (or big) tears in the skin. They start off red or purple and like a scar, usually fade to silver, grey or white.  

How can you prevent stretch marks?

  Unfortunately the prevention of stretch marks is challenging. It appears that stretch marks do not occur when the stretching of the skin is gradual rather than abrupt. Thus, rapid changes are when you’re most likely to see them appear (pregnancy, puberty etc) People with better skin elasticity and collagan are less likely to develop stretch marks. So, whilst these suggestions may help unfortunately they wont guarantee you no stretchmarks.  They will aim to increase your skins elasticity.
  1. Hydration- Drink plenty of water.
  2. Coconut Oil/Body Rubs- Keep your skin moist and hydrated.
  3. Eating foods high in essential fats- avocados, fish oil, nuts.

Is there any treatments that work to remove stretch marks?

  There are numerous claims for creams and treatments, but their effectiveness is questionable. However all claim to be more effective the earlier they’re treated. There are a few proven treatments that reduce the appearance however, do not remove them completely. Microdermabrasion, phototherapy, laser, and tretinoin cream to name a few.   I have stretchmarks, and although I am not one to be all ‘roarrr tiger stripes, check out my lines, warrior marks’ etc I do believe that more women need to understand that they are not ugly, or unsightly. I was once so ashamed of these lines and would hide them every way possible. My husband once said to me ‘I never even noticed or cared until you pointed them out to me.’ He then showed me his stretchmarks and said that it would have been incredibly hypocritically for him to say that he found them unattractive considering he too gained a lot in puberty. Lesson? Don’t be self conscious about the things that a- majority of people wouldn’t even blink an eye at and b- that most people have!

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