Swap enabling (or disempowerment) for EMPOWERMENT!

Swap enabling (or disempowerment) for EMPOWERMENT!

Empowering someone doesn’t mean solving or covering up problems. Rather, when you empower someone, you do one or more of the following to help them succeed or change on their own:

✔️ give them tools

✔️ help them access resources

✔️ teach them skills

When a pattern of enabling characterises a relationship, it’s fairly common for resentment, or feelings of anger and disappointment, to develop.

Your resentment may be directed more toward your loved one, toward the situation, both, or even yourself. You might feel hurt and angry about spending so much time trying to help someone who doesn’t seem to appreciate you. You may feel obligated to continue helping even when you don’t want to. 

Resentment can damage your emotional well-being, but it can also help you realise the situation may not be healthy.

If you can see you are enabling patterns, behaviours or traits you do not wish to have, set clear boundaries, uphold them, say no- remember that someones life path and journey is not for you to rescue them. 

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