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Take the stress out of planning for Christmas

Christmas. What do you think of when you when you think of Christmas?

Otherwise known as the ‘silly season’, it sure can turn people a little coo-coo! From planning the family festivities, to presents and huge banquets- it can sure be stressful! I am here to take away a little bit of that stress with my top 10 Christmas ideas!

This is how to ENJOY planning for Christmas!

1. Plan in advance.

Having a clear plan on activities, meals and the day can help to ease that stress and last minute rush!

2. Purchase presents throughout the year.

I often see things that I know my loved ones would love, so I purchase it and save them for events. Not only does it help to ease the financial strain during Christmas, it ensures I have thoughtful presents ready to go.

3. Don’t go overboard.

Christmas is a time to enjoy, remember that your loved ones prefer your presence, rather than your presents.

4. Plan in advance with 12 Days of Christmas Recipe Book 

My god-send. 12 days of perfectly planned out meals. Stress be gone! :P

5. Don’t spend a truck load!

Remember, that smaller thoughtful presents are always better. If you’re short on money or are buying for a big family, get some craft ideas together and make some sentimental gifts! (Pinterest, anyone?)

6. Prepare food in advance.

When meal planning, a lot of work can be done in the lead in, to save you time during Christmas. Freeze where required!

7. Online Shopping!

Need I say anymore? Presents, groceries- everything to your door!

8. Ask for help!

More hands make for lighter workloads. Get the family in the kitchen and make memories together, rather than you doing all the work on your own!

8. Decorate prior to the festivities.

This is sometimes a given because it's so enjoyable putting up the tree and lights. If you’re hosting Christmas this year and want to turn your house into Santa’s cave- start early rather than leaving it to last minute

9. Take advantage of sales.

Mid-year sales may seem far away from Christmas, but you'll thank your past self when the time comes around to the festive season!

10. Enjoy every moment.

It flies past so quickly and then it’s gone for another year, so plan ahead, live in the moment and enjoy every second of the festivities.

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