Thank YOU! THE BOD App is coming early 2019!

Thank YOU! THE BOD App is coming early 2019!

THANK YOU for being the inspo behind the business!

Within my business, I very much go with my heart and trust my instincts. The beauty of being a self-funded business is that if I want to make a product, I do it.

This was very prominent with the release of More Than Words in 2018. I was having a really hard time, I was struggling with anxiety and depression. People would offer me heartfelt advice and words that comforted me. I would write those words in my notebook and re-read them when life was overwhelming.

From there, I thought, if reading these words were enough to inspire me and allow my mind peace, maybe others may seek the same happiness also- and with that, More Than Words came about. Funnily enough, this is my favourite product to date, but my least selling product.

When I think of all of my most successful products, they have been when they are demanded, when you- my customers request them and that starts the ball rolling. I had hundreds of requests everyday for my workout programs and my recipe books.

So whilst I very much follow my heart, I am always seeking inspiration and listening to you all with welcome arms. It can be really hard running a business and feeling lost, so I appreciate all of the support, suggestions and encouragement.

In 2019, I have three huge projects that I just know you are all going to love- because you have begged for them for a long time.

The first, THE BOD FUEL.

It is an extension to THE BOD- a dedicated recipe book, with barcodes to scan in all of your favourite recipes into your meal plans.

I know this will not only help thousands who are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle- but also those who are following THE BOD who want the extra variety of the recipes!


The next is probably the biggest ‘project’ I have ever taken on.

THE BOD APP. (Coming Early 2019!)

This has taken over 18 months of development and I am so, so proud of everything it contains- all new programs, recipes, meal plans, formulas to custom create all your macros, individual flexible dieting section and the ability to keep you on track with new fresh content all the time, in app recipe book, add ons and more.

I have been dying to release my own app, but for those of you who may not be aware, a custom built app is around the cost of a house, so this meant it was a 6 year goal to get to this point and I am so, so proud to let you all know it is nearly here!

The last big project I am currently working on and I am thankful to you all for is... a recipe book, with a twist.

You have all demanded this one for a few years, so again, I know you will love it and I cannot wait until it launches! Hint- appliance ;)

I am always aiming to reach out and connect with you all in my community and in 2019, I truly want to be able to get as personal as possible. I hope to have record numbers at our annual BOD Weekend and look forward to putting new faces to names and seeing our BOD regulars back again for another year.

When I first started out in my business in 2012, I had $220 in my account, with nothing but a dream to help others with the methods that worked for me and in 2019 my goal is still the same- but even bigger!

So as always, I welcome your suggestions and I hope to be able to connect even further in 2019. 

Sophie xx

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  • Karen Hannola

    Sophie and team,
    I cannot wait to see the release of the app and purchase it for my phone.
    But I would also love to see a thermomix recipe book and chip!
    Please and thank you!

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