Sophie Guidolin and The Bod Bikini Promotion

The Bod Bikini Launch Details!

The Bod Bikini is balmy days, living in bikinis all summer, fruit salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner and needing multiple showers a day! Haha. It's everything I love about the warmer days wrapped into one. I guess I was inspired to create this limited edition program purely from my love for bikinis. It's just an item of clothing, but when you think about it - with the right mindset and the confidence to rock it; bikinis are like your uniform before going into battle! Nothing speaks louder than a women sure of herself no matter what she's wearing. So what's included in The Bod Bikini?
  • The perfect jet black, Brazilian cut bikini with just enough cheek
  • Medium resistance booty band
  • Upper and lower body workouts
  • Summer fresh recipes
  • Lifestyle tips to inspire and motivate!

There are Bod Babes all around the world, and I am dying to see women of every shape and size rocking The Bod Bikini.

  Along with your limited edition, Brazilian cut bikini you also get exercises and example workouts that are perfect for workouts on the go. There are an amazing addition for anyone already following The Bod program too. Along with the medium resistance band and delicious recipes, you will have thousands of women around the world working to achieve their best possible bod before summer hits with you along for the ride. My goal is to see my Bod babes continuing their love for a healthy, balanced lifestyle and taking on the additional exercises and recipes in this program. Your best investment is YOU, and the best time to start is now. I cannot wait to see you rockin' your Brazilian bikini and doing your Bod Bikini resistance band exercises!  

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