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The Bod Weekend Highlights!

The Bod Weekend was so incredible!

I met many new faces, and got to catch up with a lot of you who joined in last year. To say I was exhausted after the weekend would be an understatement, but it was SO worth it. This year we kept it quite exclusive with our guest list capped at 100. This was so each workshop/class was as intimate as possible and the coaches could answer every question that came their way.

So what did we get up to at our annual meet-up?

Liam (one of our resident coaches at Hold Your Own) and Nathan ran workshops over both days. Liam took on the nutritional side of things, with an incredibly in-depth discussion on macros, nutritional breakdowns and reading nutritional labels. While Liam ran this seminar, Nathan was out on the gym floor showing everyone how to execute the perfect squat and deadlift! Throughout both days, we were joined by Happy Way, Cleo Harper and Lorna Jane with some epic discounts. I was in my ELEMENT during my booty sessions. A small group of girls learning how to get the most out of their booty exercises in a workshop run by me! To wrap up the day, Jess (another resident coach) ran a SWEATY session full of functional moves and more burpees than anyone should ever have to do (haha!).  

These are just some of the messages I received after The Bod Weekend:

"The whole weekend was truly a testament to how hard working and passionate you all are. I’m beyond grateful that I was able to be there this weekend. Thank you so much for being so inspiring and working so hard to help others. I’m more appreciative than I could ever put into words xx"

"Thank you so much Sophie, Nathan and all the coaches. I walked away with so much more than I imagined. The knowledge and passion that you all showed was a breath of fresh air. In an industry where people become cookie cutters you stand out amongst the best. The weekend has enlightened a deeper passion and excitement to get back in the gym and keep pushing hard. Thank you all again for being so welcoming and easy to approach, you all had so much time to answer all our questions."

"I have learnt so much, the time the coaches put in checking my form and encouraging me was amazing! The biggest, most valuable thing I learnt was I’m capable of anything. I now know I can do more things than I imagined, if I allow my mind to go there (like that handstand hold I’ve never done because I thought I couldn’t do it and sitting on that wall for what felt like an eternity)...

It’s so good to see that just because I train from home I’m still capable of great things ... amazing is all I can say and thank you from the bottom of my heart.."

I would love to know what YOU thought of The Bod weekend, and hear your feedback. Are you planning to come next year?   Sophie xx

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