The Difference Between Being Grateful & Giving Thanks

The Difference Between Being Grateful & Giving Thanks

Gratitude is one of the hottest topics of today. With the year we’ve all had, we’re often reminded how important it is to take a second to fully appreciate all that we currently have. 

Practicing gratitude reminds you of the beauty in the little things in life that you currently have. It helps you look at situations in a more positive light, build stronger relationships with people you love, and helps improve your mental and physical well-being.

Being grateful to your life is truly a habit we should all adapt. But, along with this daily practice - we should also include giving thanks. 

What is the true difference between being grateful and giving thanks?

Being Grateful

The definition of being grateful lies in the feeling it holds. It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling of appreciating something or that loved one that you hold close to your heart.

Being grateful is so powerful because it reminds you, them, and the universe how much you value what your world has brought you.

By doing so, you will attract more of what you feel grateful for. 

This results in you attracting more of the like into your life because you have shown to yourself just how important it is to you. 

Challenge yourself to write down three things every morning that you feel grateful for. Start with things that pop up at the top of your head (most often, this is the roof over your head, the food in your stomach and so on) but, the trick is to get deeper.

As time goes on, search deeper within yourself and think about the little things that you might’ve missed. 

Try changing them every single day.

What is one thing you are grateful for?

Giving Thanks

Now that you know what you are grateful for, giving thanks is the action that should follow close behind.

No, it does not mean you have to make a grand gesture of some sort (even though that is really nice), but it does mean expressing gratitude however you see fit. 

Giving thanks could involve anything from you telling someone how you feel about them, acts of service for the one you love, giving a gift, giving back to charity - the options are really endless. 

What matters is that you give back to the very thing you feel grateful for. 

How are you showing that one thing how much you appreciate it?

Key Thoughts

Gratitude is such a powerful force. It reminds you how special it is to have what you currently have rather than what you don’t.

It’s a state of living in abundance versus living in a state of lack.

When used right, expressing gratitude can drive more of what you love into your life. 

In return for your gratitude, you will find that you often will be rewarded with more love. 

Remind yourself daily of things that you appreciate and those that make you happy to be alive. 

Feeling grateful for all that you currently have brings you back to the present time - and the present is a wonderful place to be.


  • Nga Rampling

    That was beautiful. Simple words and clear. I’ve always felt grateful about something but never intentionally write them down, and hardly follow through. I think The action and the thanks giving part is what I need to do.
    I often feel I owe the universe for the blessings I have and it’s probably because I don’t practice the thanks giving part enough. Thanks for the sweet thoughts.

  • samantha jones

    This is a perfect time of year to remember and reflect on what we are grateful and thankful for. My intention for 2021 is to practice this daily. X

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