Sophie Guidolin postpartum progress photo in the bathroom|Sophie Guidolin postpartum progress photo in the bathroom


What a difference a little bit of sleep makes! My check-in and progress for this week on the TBT program is definitely looking up! This week our beautiful twins went from little night owl babies that were waking every 1-2 hours to ‘dream’ twins. Sleeping all night, having big day naps during the day and eating more food. So, of course- everything else has worked out so much better and fallen into place too.

Meal prep has been easier and I have been able to cook whilst the twins sleep. Training has been great and I have been able to push myself a lot more and I even have a clean house- WINNING! LOL

This week I decided to see a physio about my abdominal separation. When I gave birth to the twins it was around 5-7cms. It is now down to 1cm! (Woo-hoo!) I have written a few blogs on the exercises that I used to heal mine, along with some guest blogs from a women’s physio also. After giving birth to Kai it was 10cms and I was told that surgery was the only way to fix it, however I was persistent with my exercises and managed to heal it back together!) So, I am now back training my core now as well, which feels great and I am already feeling an increase in my strength! (I did a pull up today again for the first time since giving birth!) Funny story though, I did a whole core session yesterday and had the WORST stomach ache last night, I was complaining about it being sore etc until I realised it was muscle soreness- not a stomach ache! LOL I have had a lot more energy this week too (due to actually getting sleep!) LOL- So I added in a HIIT session into my week and cant wait to have my measurements tracked. Normally I do my check ins yesterday, however we had our twins follow up appointment at the hospital so I will instead use my photos as an improvement indicator:  

Sophie Guidolin postpartum progress photo in the bathroom 12 weeks postpartum^

I also decided to chuck on my competition bikinis to see how far I truly do have to go before I am back to my pre pregnancy conditioning. I find that ensuring you have the same clothing and poses for all progress photos enables you to be able to see how far you have come: Comp bikinis are less forgiving than most other attire, so really 'grounds' me hahaha (I have a long way to go!) But progress is still progress, no matter how slow you are moving. I am incredibly blessed to have you all supporting me and LOVE seeing your tags on instagram. For more regular updates, check my snapchat out: sophie_guidolin or continue to tag me: #tbtprogram #sophieguidolin x

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