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Top 10 Snacks for Weight Loss

These snacks can assist in a weight loss journey - but are also great overall snack ideas regardless of what kind of journey you're on.  You can adapt these snacks to suit whatever lifestyle you may lead. Whether you're always on the go, have multiple mouths to feed, work the night shift, it CAN be done!
So you're on a journey to a new, lighter you. There's so many things to consider that it can get a tad overwhelming.

So what key things do I recommend to think of first?

  • Always keep in mind that a balanced, MAINTAINABLE diet is SO important.
  • That balance, which means not restricting yourself excessive is also so important.
Now that you understand your nutrition should be balanced and maintainable, now we can move onto snacking!
These snacks are things you can eat on top of a balanced diet. This is not a list of foods to eat alone on a daily basis. When moderation and balance meet, you'll learn that being healthy and weight loss is not about restriction. You'll come to realise that the best kind of health and fitness journey, is the kind you enjoy.

Here's my official list of snacks for weight loss.

You can change these up to suit your taste preferences, and boost that fat loss at the same time!


Have these on their own or topped with your choice of filling:
  • Salt, pepper and avocado
  • Peanut butter, banana and cinnamon
  • Cottage cheese, cucumber and turkey
  • Blueberries, greek yoghurt and honey


Think snow peas, green beans, capsicum, leafy greens, cabbage, broccoli...
An an important key to your nutrition intake when losing weight or balancing a healthy diet, fibre regulates the speed of digestion and contributes to that ‘feeling full’ sensation. It also stops cravings throughout the day and provides you with energy and all the important daily nutrients your body needs.
Too little fibre can make it tough for bowel movements (especially if your diet is high in protein). It can also be hard to control your blood sugar and appetite.


An unsweetened, full or low-fat Greek yoghurt (depending on your goals) mixed in with some fruit is a perfect preworkout snack. Studies show that a protein rich food source like Greek yoghurt combined with a carbohydrate source like fruit is the ideal type of fuel to consume before breaking a sweat.


All you need for these tasty, clean and quick pancakes in an egg and a banana. Mash the banana up till it reaches a smooth consistency and mix the egg in well. You can have these any time of day and make it savoury or sweet!


Be free of the notion that sugar is all bad. Eating a balanced diet with adequate fibre each day will help with digestion, keeping bowel movements regular, less bloating, weight loss and many health reasons. Always keep in mind as well that the more whole the food and less processed it is, the better it is!


Pick your favourite vegetable, your favourite nut butter and voila - there's a perfect combination right there.


Protein isn't only essential for lean muscle gain - if you're protein deficient you will really feel the effects of it. If you have issues with losing weight, a sluggish metabolism, low energy or fatigue, poor concentration and even mood swings - these are signs of a possible protein deficiency! Springwater tuna cans are an amazing go-to snack that'll give you a hit of protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids.


I'm sure you've heard about the numerous benefits dark chocolate provides. Antioxidants, improved blood flow, lower blood pressure... there's something about dark chocolate that does your body good! To do it one step better, you can get yourself some cacao nibs or cacao-based chocolates that are delicious and contain amazing nutritional benefits.


Because the most common kinds of popcorn are found already doused in butter and salt at the cinemas, we often don't associate it with health. Popcorn is in fact, a whole grain food full of fibre. Sometimes you just get in those moods where you want something to snack on. With only 31 calories per cup of stove top prepared popcorn, it makes for a great alternative to chips. Studies even show that 15 calories worth of popcorn is as filling as 150 calories worth of potato chips!

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