Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace with their babies in carriers|Lots of luggage at the airport

Travelling with newborns (twins!)

When we decided that we would travel to Adelaide for Christmas, my excitement quickly turned to the ‘oh, crap- we have newborn twins’. How do you even ‘do’ newborn twins, let alone TRAVEL with them! Lol Travelling with newborns seemed like a lifetime ago for me. So, with that the thought processes and logistics started to tumbleweed very, very quickly. This photo is how I expect us to look like as we rock up to check in.. Lots of luggage at the airport

Sleeping Arrangements

When we first brought the twins home, they were sleeping in separate bassinets, as per the SIDS recommendations, in our room. After 4 sleepless nights and Nathan waking up to every movement, we decided that having the twins in our room wasn’t working for us. However we kept them in their separate bassinets. One day, we forgot to bring their bassinets home from work, and we instead put them straight into their cots for bed. They slept, they slept 7 hours straight, and we have never looked back. My ‘plan’ was to sleep the twins for as long as possible in their bassinets so that when we went to work, travelled, dinner, walks- basically anywhere, that they would sleep as it would essentially be ‘bed’. But, as any mum knows- the ‘plan’ and reality are two very very different paths. So with that, I have been tossing up between a portacot, (the boys always hated these as they were so hard) OR alternatively taking my super expensive pram- with the bassinets- and hoping with all my might, that nothing happens to my ($2K) pram!!

Car Seats

A lot of people have suggest baby hire places, however after 2 minutes of online research it became very apparent that it is in fact cheaper to purchase items than hire (go figure!) Kmart have car seats brand new for $119!! So I bought two, and instead of lugging them down I got them sent to my mums house! Tick- so far I have 1 thing organised! LOL


As above, I majorly splurged on my pram (Bugaboo Donkey Twin, which costs the price of a small car much to my husbands amazement!)I didn’t want to risk my treasure being damaged on the plane, so I decided to go and buy a double stroller from the baby store for $180, which will be great for travel- which is great if I decide not to sleep the girls in their bassinets, which are apart of the other pram.


Usually when we go home, mum or dad picks us up from the airport and we borrow their car. OR we use a rental car and get a car seat added in for Ryder. Now that we have a small army of children (4) and two in car seats the logistics of a rental car aren’t quite as simple as book and go! LOL So, mum is coming to the airports with both cars to pick us up and we will have to take 2 cars everywhere we go! It's a small price to pay really when you think of the blessing of the twins! So, with that. Just when you think you have it all covered, there is still the whole bottle feeding logistics which we are still getting our heads around! Sterilisers, bottle cleaners and formula. Even thinking about packing is sending chills down my spine! I am (in the back of my mind, of course) trying to workout how I can pack my 2 bouncers and electric swings in my suitcase! LOL Although this ‘blog’ is not very informative (at all really), as it is more of a scream for organisational and logistical help, I hope you guys may have some feedback or input for me! For those without kids- or even twins- be thankful that life is still packing a suitcase and off you go! LOL These are all of the factors we now have to consider before even leaving home! LOL

-If you were us, would you take your expensive pram, which doubles as twins beds (bassinets) with you and risk it being damaged? (even though you bought a travel stroller to travel with)  Which in turn, means you won’t need to purchase a portacot or set up beds.

-Are there any other ‘major’ logistics I haven’t taken into consideration? 

  Thanks mamas!    PS: I haven't been home in over a year now so my 'home sickness comforts' list is becoming rather long... Here are my 'must squeeze in' foodie spots in Adelaide hehe Grind It- breakfast. just yes. Kefi- my all time favourite. The Strand- Squicken salad and kangaroo is calling my name. Willunga Bakery- childhood requirement. The Oyster Bar. Mum's: Roast lamb, beetroot soup, homemade chocolate, wood fired pizza and fresh fish.

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