|Sophie and Nathan with the twins on their second birthday|Twins birthday with pink balloon and unicorn cake|Twin birthday cake with pink decorations|Evie and Aria's unicorn birthday cake with pink decorations|Ryder and twin at birthday party

TWIN BIRTHDAY: Evie and Aria turn two!

A twin birthday. ♡

Can you believe that our tiny little girls are now TWO!? Crazy right?! I just love that so many of you have joined us over the years. I love that when people come up in the streets they know my children’s names, likes and jokes. Many of you have been a part of my life when I was still living in Adelaide and trying to make ends meet as a single mama. Working, studying and training whenever I could, so for all of you, I owe a massive THANK YOU! Hey, even if you’re just catching up on the past few years, welcome and thank you. I hope I can provide you with some information and educate you along the way. Looking back over the last couple of years it has been SO busy. Between opening the gym, The Bod launch and our crazy lifestyle!

Having twins is nothing short of amazing, but it incredibly BUSY. Life changed the moment we had them and I don’t think we ever really realised just how much of a change it would be.

  Sophie and Nathan with the twins on their second birthday  

I think that every child is different and every parenting experience is different.

I can’t say that each of my children have been the same and obviously as my circumstances have changed, my parenting has also. Twins hasn’t just meant two of everything. It has meant trying to spread yourself in half across two children who really need your attention 100% (hats off to mamas of multiples more than twins!).  

A lot of people ask how we tell the girls apart and all of the reasons we tell people, no one can ever see it except us. LOL.

  The girls take it in turns to be the ‘harder’ twin. However, Evie is certainly incredibly testing with me, as she is REALLY clingy and has to be held, carried or touching me at all times. It's fine when I'm not busy, but if I am making dinner and trying to carry her at the same time as chop.. it gets a little harder. Add in Aria crying at my feet and it’s a real party! At the start of the year we decided we wouldn’t have a party for any of the kids this year. With last year’s party for Ryder costing hundreds and the twins in the thousands, we felt the money could be better spent elsewhere and only invite close friends and family for cake. We may alternate years for parties, now we have the 4 children to consider! This year, for the twins, we planned in advance and shopped up a storm at the Big W toy sale, with all presents purchased a month or so prior.

Their ultimate favourite present would have to be their play kitchen!

Such a great imaginative toy that will last years to come! This is the one we choose: KidKraft Modern Play Kitchen For their cake, we went with the incredible Slate Couture cakes again, and my oh my she did not disappoint with THE most incredible unicorn cake! Complete with rainbow layers- it was PERFECT! We got a few decorations from the epic Big W range, which of course makes every ‘cake party’ feel like the real deal! The other thing that completed the girls' birthday was their AMAZING dollhouse, which is more for their new big girl room reveal (coming soon!). The incredible Calevie Designer Dollhouses. This made me have tears in my eyes, it was everything I ever wanted growing up so I am so glad the girls have one to experience for themselves.

Seeing the girls' faces light up unwrapping their gifts was the real icing on the cake.

They are real 'girl girls' now and hearing them oo-ing and ahh-ing was beyond cute. These last two years truly flew by, and I'm ready to take on the next two in stow. I wonder if the 'terrible twos' is coming?   Twins birthday with pink balloon and unicorn cake Ryder and twin at birthday party Evie and Aria's unicorn birthday cake with pink decorations

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