Sophie Guidolin postpartum and Nathan Wallace at the gym


What a week it has been in our household!

My first week back exercising and starting on the total body transformation program! It has been incredible to have everyone joining the journey and following along from home too. Seeing all of the tbt Instagram accounts, tags and posts has made it feel as though we are all in this together and made it feel easier not to give up.  

The first training session on the Monday was so incredible hard.

I felt as though my strength was never going to return and that my core stability was so far from what it once was. This week for my HIIT session (I only managed one) I used the rower, as I have still yet to attempt running or skipping. My food was as per the meal plan. Except for our wedding anniversary when we went out for breakfast, which was amazing!   After attempting a crossfit session with one of my good friends it was hard not to be left feeling as though I may never get back to where I was pre pregnancy. Although I know that it's not true, it is certainly a long road ahead of me! I have yet to be back to the osteopath to check on my abdominal gap and whether I have managed to close the distance. I feel as though I have, however haven’t really done any explosive movements as I am not prepared to risk it. Since having the surgery to remove the left over placenta I am feeling a lot better. I finally feel as though I am on the track to full health! I posted a video of my first training session back, so please feel free to check it out and follow my progress on Instagram.

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