Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace engagement photo



(insert happy dance here!)

As many of you may have seen, my incredible fiancé, Nathan proposed on stage last October after taking out the overall national title, 'Mr. Australia" CLICK HERE TO SEE NATH'S PROPOSAL HERE  Since then, we had decided to keep our personal life off of social media for a while, every aspect of our lives is/was in the public eye for everyone to see. As with any couples, we have had our ups and downs, all of which, being in the public eye are amplified by 10x. We have tossed the decision around over and over whether we do in fact put our wedding details on social media, and for the past 6+ months kept it very very tight lipped. But the question is popping up everyday now- "are you guys already married?" I have seen others on social media get slammed for their dress, their colour schemes, everything down to their makeup and I simply do not want our wedding to become a circus, which is why we have decided to share selected details and photos that we feel appropriate. Please respect that this is an intimate day of ours and we will share the details and photos that we wish. As we were making our decision, I found it becoming increasingly hard for me to post on social media without mentioning wedding planning, our joy, excitement and other details. Which to me, doesn't feel right having to hide SUCH a huge day in our lives from those who support me daily. A photo of us posted on social media got tongues talking with rumours we were already wedded. After we posted this photo (of us simply having dinner in Bali) we knew that our actual wedding details were going to be asked, questioned and photos requested. We needed time to see how we felt about this, and feel that as it is such a huge part of our life, it is only right we allow you into one of the happiest time of our lives. So, a few rumours.. no, we are not pregnant, no we are not already married, no we are not getting married in Bali and no we are not having a huge wedding LOL. We are quite reserved people and very family centred, so our wedding will be a reflection of that.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff! 

I wanted to share with you my journey- document (and stay accountable) on my own journey to the alter! Today marks the 6 week out mark until I say 'I do". As most of you know, I maintain a lean physique year round. I do this by building my metabolism up to a point where I am never hungry, eating a huge variety of food and am allowing myself social meals with loved ones. However, as I am sure with any bride- I want to look my very best on my wedding day, these photos I plan on having on my way until I am 90 and re-telling our story.

So, with that marks day 1 of my 6 week mini total body transformation. 

Each week I will write a blog documenting my training, any cardio, my overall diet, any results or progress I have seen as well as any details that are coming together! As many of you may be aware, my training has been incredibly varied over the past 6 months, after my Arnold classic show in Ohio, I was left super busy with work, children and catching up on anything due that was put on hold whilst competing. On average I was training twice a week, only weights no cardio.

I have since started implementing crossfit style training into my lifestyle and finding that with HIIT training, weights, skipping, running etc That my body is leaning down, whilst toning up!

Current Diet 

I am currently eating 130% of my maintenance calories, still eating bananas, berries, an apple etc every day, along with over 150g of carbs, timed for caloric timing. I am not currently doing any cardio, nor doing any fasting or crazy diets. I am not wanting to be in comp condition, so I do not want to change my overall body composition that greatly, just feel amazing on the day. For those following along on the wedding planning, I am finally starting to feel a sense of organisation coming together! (yay!) I am a veryrelaxed, laidback person, so it was only yesterday that I got onto the organisation side of things! I would love to hear your favourite suppliers, suggestions and wedding tips too! I can't wait to include you all on our journey! 


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