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Why you should never skip a meal!

Ever skipped a meal? I think we've all done it! Whether you completely forgot, felt guilty about all the treats from the weekend or just didn't have the time, it's happened to the best of us.

Did you know skipping meals is an absolute no-no when it comes to your health. This is why I personally believe you should never skip a meal!

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight or build your muscle, you shouldn't skip a meal no matter the situation.

If you're deprived of food, your body starts to find it difficult to process things or pay attention and starts to fatigue dramatically. Along with that, infrequent eating can cause drops in your blood sugar. If you skip just one meal, your body can remain pretty stable, but if it becomes a recurring thing, it can cause hormonal changes in your body. Low blood sugar from starving, skipping meals and under eating also makes you feel both weak and dizzy! Not enough calories will slow down your metabolism which in turn means that it becomes harder and harder for you to burn fat. Your body panics and becomes desperate to conserve energy which leads to it slowing down burning the food you've consumed. I know that for many, skipping breakfast seems to be convenient and can save you time. And a lot of us aren't even that hungry in the morning. But if you want to kickstart your metabolism, give yourself the best possible start to the day and avoid bingeing and over-eating at lunch or dinner time, I would definitely make the effort to have breakfast in the morning!

Ever feel moody when you're hungry? Or even hangry? (angry and hungry!) 

Well the source is more than likely your low blood sugar levels that are shifting your mood! If you're skipping meals, you're also breaking down muscles in your body. So if you're putting in work in the gym and not supplying your brain, muscles and organs the carbohydrates it needs, then your body will basically punish you for it by eating up your muscles for energy rather than the fat stored in your body. Last but not least, unless you have amazing self-control, skipping meals will lead to you over-eating later on which ruins the whole purpose of skipping a meal in the first place. Starving and bingeing can turn into a repetitive cycle and if you notice yourself doing it often, stop now before it becomes a habit or addictive. This kind of behaviour is destructive to you both physically and mentally!

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