Post Breath Work Tips

Post Breath Work Tips

Last week I did a live breath work with Nicola Laye and wow - the feedback from you all has been incredible. So many of you have been in touch and shared how much you loved the event and how calm you felt afterwards.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch here. 

Breath work is truly amazing for releasing a new sense of calm to your inner being and is such a great way to let go of anxiety, stresses and emotional worries. It’s a frequent practice in my household.  

Following on from the breath work event, here are some of Nicola’s top tips for the week and month ahead - 

  • Stay Hydrated - Water / Herbal teas / Juicing with veggies / green smoothies 
  • Limit the caffeine 
  • Eat light / avoid MSG and any foods that will cause irritation to the digestive tract
  • Sleep well - you may feel restless over the next week. Try some chamomile tea before bed each night rather than going for caffeine. 
  • At bed time, resting breath - Deep and slow. Inhale for count of 4 hold the breath for count of 7 and exhale for the count of 8 
  • Morning ritual - When you wake up before you put your feet onto the floor, just start to breathe intentionally, while your in the shower before you engage with conversations, think about a positive intention for your day. Breathing full and fast with sighs when it feels right to add in.  
  • Start writing a journal and just jot down things that are on your mind causing you to overthink, distraction and overwhelm, see what happens when you let it out. 
  • Use some oils like valerian / lavender / chamomile in a diffuser.
  • You might feel like a big cry for no reason at all, just go with what needs to be released try not to suppress it.  I usually go into a shower and have a big cry and i feel cleansed by this feeling of release.
  • Be aware of yourself over the next few weeks, listen more, breath before diving into a conversation, ask yourself is this for me?  Why am i reacting ? What am i feeling, is it my stuff or someone else's? 
  • Apply the following formula -



  • be breath aware, breath consciously 
  • try to sense your emotional core - through body and mind - (tension / tightness in the chest / low energy)


  • Once you can feel the emotion arising (anxiety / angry / sad / frustrated / tiredness, use the breath to exhale that emotion out, release it instead of holding onto it.
  • Lay and move into a stretch and breath with your movement and imagining the breath taking it away - some yoga etc.. or grab a spiky ball and do some release work. 


  • After moving through the emotion and the breath release, you might find it easier to communicate with the person or situation.  Give yourself the space to work it through before responding
  • Change your perception of the feeling and see if its really true, or are you allowing someone else’s perception trigger you


These are some suggestions that you can use to add value to your life and really stay in alignment with yourself. 

Breathing can feel hard work and things come up, sometimes the thought of breathing again can be met with uncertainty, HOWEVER come and dive right back in the more you breathe the better you feel and the move you feel a deep joy, happiness and overwhelming sensation of confidence, clarity and focus than ever before.  

If you'd like to reach out to Nicola on socials (@nicola_laye) then she would love to hear from you and see how you're feeling.  

If you’d love to know more and continue changing your life with breath work I recommend joining Nicola’s 10-Day Breath Work Challenge, Show Up & Shine.


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