What I Eat - A Day On The Plate

What I Eat - A Day On The Plate

I’m often asked what a ‘day on my plate’ looks like. 

It’s sometimes a difficult one to answer, as I love variety in my life and follow a flexible dieting approach.

6 years ago I followed a set meal plan. The same thing eerrrrryday. I spent every Sunday meal prepping, rarely eating out and being VERY strict. 

Then I decided upon a more flexible approach to my nutrition and discovered it’s truly perfect for my lifestyle. 

Life isn’t about chicken and broccoli. It’s about grabbing hot chips with the kids down the beach occasionally and sharing licks of the girls ice creams. 

All whilst still achieving your goals. I teach so much of this over on THE BOD - what’s actually in our foods, the macros, nutrients, balance. 

This is what a typical day on the plate looks like for me….




I usually like to start my day with a bowl of oats (my Snicker Oats or my Choc Peanut Breaky Oats are game-changers!). I’ll also have a Happy Way protein shake which is perfect for when I’m on the go or dropping the kids off at school.  

I love the Happy Way chocolate or banana protein powder. If you want to give it a try you can use my discount code to save: HAPPYSOPHIE 

Morning tea  

Around 10am I’ll have a piece of fruit and a yoghurt to help me get through mid-morning meetings. 


 I usually have a salad with leftover meal prepped food such as lasagne, savoury mince, butter chicken or stir fry.

Afternoon tea

If I’m feeling like a mid-afternoon snack I’ll have some Cruskits with Pana chocolate spread and/or a low fat chocolate mousse. 


With 4 kids, we usually have dinner fairly early and it will always be something from one of my recipes books that includes protein and plenty of veg. An absolute fave of mine is Chicken Korma!


I love a little dessert around 8pm and I’ll usually go for a mini Weis mango ice cream bar (only 56 cals!) and then I might have a sugar-free hot choc before jumping into bed.

I looove that flexible dieting gives me the choice to eat foods with my family and friends and according to what my body is craving. It's completely transformed my everyday routine from a strict diet to a life enriched with food I love!

What does your ‘day on a plate’ look like? Have you tried flexible dieting? Leave me a comment below or reach out on Instagram @sophie_guidolin

Sophie x 

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